Sunday, June 17, 2012

C.S.I. #23

Time to post another CSI (Color, Stories, Inspiration) layout.  My "investigation" is complete.  I have solved the case!! 

My parents had 8 Grandchildren - or we can call them 8 Cousins.  The oldest are now 40 and the youngest (my son) is 24.  Even though there was a 16 year span, the cousins are all close (I love that).  5 of the 8 attended Gordon College in Wenham, MA.  In 1993 Karl, Matt and Mike were all students.  My neice Katie informed me today of the date this picture was taken.  She rembered that it was her birthday - the question was what year.  Well Mike married a girl he met there, Kellie.  Mike and Kellie are visiting for Father's Day weekend and she knew the year - 1993.  It was Sibling weekend and we had all gone up for the day.  It was a bit overcast, but we had a great day.  This picture is one of my favorites of the Cousins all together (and we do have many... =) 

I am making all of my CSI layouts 6"x6" and featuring (usually) one favorite photo.

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I really do appreciate it!!

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