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I LOVE Coffee Shops!!! 

Friday January 25, 2013

While taking a lunch break and looking over my Blog, I realized that I have failed to mention my MOST FAVORITE Coffee Shop in this post...  that would be SPECKLED AX!!  Located on Congress Street in Portland Maine, the Speckled Ax opened last Spring and is owned and operated by my Nephew Matt of Matt's Coffee .  Matt is a Certified Organic Wood Fire Coffee Roaster.  Check out the Syphon Pot...

Perfection in a Cup!!   Next time in Portland, make sure to stop into Speckled Ax and tell Matt I said Hi!!


Monday August 20, 2012

Searching my computer for pics of a great coffee shop in Plymouth,  NH - Cafe Monte Alto.  I loved the "quirkiness" of the Shop.  When you walk in, it's a quaint little coffee shop.  Then just 12 feet into the shop, it becomes a liquor store.  Take a right and it's a General Store with lots of Antiques.  I like to go up to Rumney to visit my friend Cathy.  This will be a regular stop I'm sure.  There was the cutest little nook we sat in.  I got a really cool Pottery Mug.  At least I have found a picture of that...  It has a thumb holder - how cool is that??  Found the pics - ScOrE!!!


The "other" side of the Shop - complete with a Moose Head!!

 Oh yeah, the coffee was great too!!

 Cafe Monte Alto!!
     (or Blanco as I like to call it)

Monday August 20, 2012

Wow - It's been awhile since I have posted to this coffee page...  I copied it today from my original Blog to this Blog where I always find myself these days.  I was inspired to move it by the Blog Hop at Fresh Brewed Designs.  I have several Coffee Shops to add and will have to find the pics... so bear with me as I revisit these new Coffee Shop Stops =) 

While I was on vacation last week, I stopped into a Coffee Shop in North Falmouth (or was it West Falmouth...?) along 28A called Village Cafe.  How quaint is this place??  They serve Jim's Organic Coffee and I must say it was wonderful!!  The day we (Juanita was with me) stopped was quite warm.  It was a bit uncomfortable inside without any AC, but they have a wonderful spot outside with lots of shade and thankfully a breeze was blowing through.  A very enjoyable spot to sit and enjoy a great smooth cup of coffee!!  I do believe this will be a spot I visit often!!  Oh yeah, the other half of the Coffee Shop is an Ice Cream Shop - how can one go wrong?? 

The Village Cafe!!

Saturday January 14, 2012

Today, I went to a favorite Coffee Shop in Plymouth - Kiskadee Coffee Company with Juanita.  They have great coffee, baked goods, sandwiches and of course WiFi.  The atmosphere is just so comfortable.  Love the Brick wall, and the different seating areas where people gather and share their lives. 

Today was a bit different in that Kirk Cameron (along with a small entourage) came in.  As it happens (Juanita went over and thanked him for all he is doing for the cause of Christ and got the low down on what he was doing there) he is filming a movie in Plymouth which will be out in March - Monumental. 

Before he left, he stopped to say good bye and we invited him to LifeSong...  wouldn't it be cool if he comes!!

Kiskadee NEVER disappoints!!

Other favorites:

 #1  The Bean - Nantucket 

Love to be on the island, and can't be on the island of Nantucket without visiting The Bean several times!!  Quaint and cozy with GREAT coffee.  Have visited Nantucket for Daffodil Weekend many times, and for the last four years with Juanita.  We always stop by for a coffee when walking the cobblestone streets of Nantucket, taking in the the Daffodil Festival Activities, or just doing some window shopping.  We have met some characters there.  The one who stands out is John - the Limerick man.  When I think of Nantucket I think of two things... Daffodils and THE BEAN!!

                            How very true...

# 2 The Daily Brew - Cataumet

Summers in Pocasset have been a staple in my life for 54 years!  I am blessed to have grown up in a family with a Summer home.  Not far from Pocasset is Cataumet with one of my favorite Coffee Shops.  The Daily Brew has awesome coffee of course, delicious Smoothies, sandwiches, AWESOME travel mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, game tables (had a great game of Scrabble with Bethany and Cathy =), the comfort of Air Conditioning on those hot summer days, an awesome covered porch off the back AND they welcome dogs!!  How cool is that??

I love to head there for coffee with my lap top to catch up on e-mail and such when at the Beach House (no internet there!!)... 

I think I might need to take a ride down there some Saturday SOON!!!

The Daily Brew!

# 3 Kiskadee - Plymouth

# 4 JoJo's - Hartford CT

Love, Love, Love the yogurt fruit cup with JoJo's homemade granola - YUM!!!  Oh yeah, I also LOVE their coffee.  I happened upon this awesome little Coffee Shop a few years ago when attending a Women of Faith Conference at the XL Center in Hartford.  Ever since that first visit, I go as often as I can when in Hartford. 

Rachel and I went when we arrived, here she is singing with a gentleman who happened to be playing the Piano.  Such a homey atmosphere - very comfortable, the type of place you could stay at for hours...  (Rachel and I missed a speaker Saturday morning while having a delicious Breakfast Sandwich and coffee - have to have a better handle on the schedule next year...)!

Rachel's Peppermint Mocha Latte - YUM!



# 5 Brewed Awakenings - Hingham

One Sunday after church, Juanita and I were going out for coffee and happened upon Brewed Awakenings.  AWESOME!!

   This place has become my favorite "local" Coffee Shop.  The coffee is great, awesome soups, salads and sandwiches, and the BAKERY items are to die for.  It's very spacious, lots of natural light with the HUGE windows, comfortable seating... just plain relaxing!! 

# 6 Island Coffee - Nantucket

Great Coffee, right off the ferry, but no seating...  can't really compete with The Bean... but I still love it - they sell coffee!! 


They did have awesome cookies for Daffodil Weekend last year - what's not to love??

Island Coffee (don't forget to grab one on the way to the Ferry...)!

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  1. Love Kiskadee.
    Also love that they have Potentials Unlimited perform there. (from Manomet)