Sunday, September 2, 2012

2 Days that were Designed 2 Delight!!

I am not a Summer person - I LOVE Fall!!  Yesterday my friend Juanita and I went to visit her sister and Dad in upstate New York.  We took the scenic route through Vermont.  We really weren't in Vermont all that long, but went on a bit of a Moose hunt in Bennington...  It was a gorgeous 2 days and we really had a great time!!  We kept spotting Moose - the painted kind!!   I even got up close and personal with one of them...

We stayed overnight in Cambridge, NY, went out for her sister Cheryl's Birthday Breakfast - panCAKES of course, and just relaxed and visited with each other. 

Check out this sunflower...  A sure sign that Summer is winding down and Fall is on the way!!!   I have always had a silly fear of large Sunflowers.  It all started with an episode of "Lost in Space" many years ago...  Getting over that fear and loving the Sunflowers this year =)  These ones are a little more friendly... I think!
We spotted another moose on the ride home.  This one was at a place that had an awesome bakery along with a great little shop with pumpkins, apples, Mums, Apple Cider Donuts (yum!!) and other gift items. 
All things FALL!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the main reason for this post...  While I was away, I got an e-mail from Faith over at Designed 2 Delight.  She wanted to know if she could share a card of mine in her Hello September post.  Of course I said Yes and that I would be honored.  Thanks Faith!!!  She has such amazing images in her shop!!   I encourage you to take a look by clicking HERE.
 Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend!! 


  1. Hello, Fall! Your pictures are beautiful. Lost in Space, hmm? I think I missed the evil sunflower episode. Congrats on the shout out of your wonderful card!

  2. Your Moose hunt sounded so fun! I love these art installations. Your sunflowers photos are stunning. Thanks for sharing : )

  3. Your photos are gorgeous! I have always wanted to visit that part of the country. Thanks again for letting me share your card on my blog. :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!